The first time every enthusiast is faced with strap measurements, he feels confused. 20 x 18, 20 x 16, 22 x 18... what do these numbers mean? In reality the solution is much simpler than you think and we will explain it to you in this quick guide to watch strap measurements.

What does 20 x 18 mean?

In watch strap sizes, the number before the X stands for the distance between the lugs of the watch, which is the width of the upper end of the watch strap

The number after the X indicates the width of the lower part, the one with the buckle. Therefore a 20 x 18 strap is a strap with a width of 20 mm at the top and 18 mm at the bottom.

How do I know the correct size?

To obtain the correct size, simply measure the distance between the lugs of the watch on which you want to mount our strap with a tape measure. Please note, this is the internal distance, starting from the inside of one of the two lugs to end inside the other lug.

Before buying the strap, we always recommend checking the distance between the lugs of your watch.

Omega Speedmaster

We always recommend measuring the distance between the lugs before purchasing the strap. In any case, in general the standard sizes for the most common watches are known.

For example, all Omega Speedmasters produced after 1966 have a lug spacing of 20mm (with the exception of Reduced and re-issues such as the Speedmaster '57). Pre-1966 models and modern reissues of these, 19mm. Finally, the reduced ones: 18 mm.



Modern Rolex Daytonas (from the 5-digit references onwards) have a lug spacing of 20mm. As for vintage models, however, most have a distance between the lugs of 19 mm.


Day-date, Datejust and Oyster Perpetual

As for Daydate and Datejust, also in this case the prevailing size is 20 mm. For the lady version, it drops to 17 mm or lower for very small vintage specimens.


As with its watches, Cartier is a different matter when it comes to strap sizes. Its watches have very different and particular distances between the lugs.

To request a custom size, contact us via email or chat, we will be happy to satisfy your request!

There would be many other brands to mention but we wouldn't have enough time. The important thing is that we were able to best explain to you how to measure the distance between the lugs. Now you are ready to make your watches unique.